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Boston MA Based Metal/Hardcore/Rock


Sonic Vandalism OUT NOW On Vinyl and CD



SALT OF THE EARTH RECORDS is proud as all hell to announce the signing of Boston-based rifflords, INVERTER.

2023 will see INVERTER’s fourth full-length release, Sonic Vandalism out on all formats physical and digital. A heavy-handed snapshot of loud, raucous, Americana meets up with mind-melting sci-fi robot lore… all while being some of the most infectious metal music you will ever hear! EVER.

INVERTER vocalist Derek “Deek” Diedricksen had this to say about their unholy alliance with Salt Of The Earth Records, "Teaming up with Salt Of The Earth Records was kind of a no-brainer, and we're pretty damn excited to put out our fourth album with them! They walk the walk and live it- I mean I see them at our shows all the time and see 'em being so incredibly supportive towards other bands we really respect. So I feel we're in good hands. We've got ten new tracks, and this time around we're a little more quirky and sci-fi lyrically, but damn evil, with what we're laying down. You'll see.

In fact, this one new tune called "Accerator" just may be the heaviest thing we've ever done. Some friend asked me what the overall album sound was like and I told him 'It's like scotch-taping a firecracker to your dick as you high-dive into a kiddie pool full of gasoline.' That might have to be the name of our fifth album..... lol.”

“INVERTER is a game changer for Salt of the Earth Records bringing new elements of fine-tuned chaos and animalistic aggression as well as a high energy sound and level of creativity that connects listeners and fellow artists with a desire to be front row at one of the band's performances to experience it first hand.”  - Dan Jackson (Salt Of The Earth Records)

“We are psyched to be part of a label with so many great metal bands, and looking forward to working with Scott and Kristy. Let’s fucking conquer the world with metal!!” - Bill Bracken (Inverter Guitarist)

With Jamie Locke (Prong, VOD, Obituary) once again at the production helm, to say this album sounds devastating does not begin to scratch the surface. More aptly said, Inverter sonically slams headfirst into a sludge-covered riff-wall of musical abandon on this collection of songs making Sonic Vandalism the heavy-handed pounding you’ve been craving.

One last thing… PLAY THIS LOUD.

Inverter - Boston Music Award WINNERS - "Metal Artist Of The Year"


Voted in by a judges panel of over 400 area members (producers, journalists, promoters, etc), Boston's Inverter was just chosen as "Metal Act Of The Year" for the 2021 Boston Music Awards which took place at Brighton Music Hall. With three albums under their belts, and countless area gigs, the band are now hard at work towards their eventual fourth release- most likely with recording engineer Jamie Locke (Prong, Madball, V.O.D., Obituary, Cro-Mags). Stay tuned for more updates from the band as we receive them. 

                       Heavy Metal. Inverter merchandise,shows and more!
Inverter is Fronted by a former HGTV Host ("Tiny House Builders") and born from the ashes of Genuflect (ex-Reveille) and WWE house band "Age Against The Machine" (Columbia Records), Inverter has been climbing through the US ranks while sharing the stage with the likes of Hed(pe), Flaw, Crowbar, Trapt, Billy Bio (Biohazard), Sabaton, Demolition Hammer, Kottonmouth Kings, Dope, Trivium, Green Jelly, Twiztid, and more! 

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